Frankie_G (saebuffyboy) wrote,

The Proof is in the Staying

So a good friend of mine once said (paraphrases), "you can put up with just about anything for a year."

Yesterday marked one year since I moved from Decatur to Memphis. It really feels like just yesterday to me, until I begin to think of all that has happeneed in the last year.

A small part of me still can't believe I picked up and moved like I did last year.

On Sunday I went to see UP in 3d with a couple friends and I had a really nice, ahhh, I have made friends and have a life moment. It's been tough not having the large friend base I used to have. Well, I guess I still have them. It's just they're not nearly as accessable as they once were. I can no longer walk down the street and have ten people call hello and offer me a ride any more. well they might, but it'd be for other reasons.

My boss was in town yesterday and we were discussing my plans for next summer and some finicial business, and it was really cool to me because it was a sign that I definetly have a future and not too shotty of one.

Anywhoo, I need to be going soon. I have to cooridnate a cocktail party at another school this afternoon.

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