Frankie_G (saebuffyboy) wrote,

Odd reminders

So I'd been dealing pretty well the past week considering it was the time leading up to and immeaditly after Fathers Day. I didn't send cards to my grandpa's like I normally do. It was a little to difficult to sift through them and I kept thinking about cards my dad would have enjoyed when I did browse.

I was visting my mom this past weekend and went to my dads grave on fathers day. I normally am not a big 'visit a grave person' mostly because of all the memories and connections to places I have of a person. the grave is not one of the strongest for me.

Anyway like I was saying I was dealing pretty well until I opened my e-mail this morning and there was an e-mail from Ducks Unlimited. My dad was an avid supporter of the orginazition. The e-mail was a reminder that it was time for him to sponser again, and had listed information about his past donations. He was a bronze level lifetime sponser and had put himself in the top 10 percent of private sponsers etc.

I'm not sure why the e-mail came to me. I may have filled out a form for him at some point and used my e-mail address. Or being that we both have the same name they may have just sent his information to me thinking we were the same person.

It definetly struck me in an odd way. It was far more difficult than I'd have immagened an e-mail like that would have been. I left my office for a bit and feel a lot better. But I guess it's true what they say about being effected by different things after the death of a loved one.
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