Frankie_G (saebuffyboy) wrote,

"Here wear this, no one will be able to tell you're not a Jew."

That would be what my friend Jason's dad said to me as he handed me a Yamica (sp) at Jason's wedding this past sunday.

It was an absloutly crazy weekend. I arrived late thrusday night and visited with Jason and Meghan. They then asked me to review thier vows and make sure they were in sync. with out hte slightly gay boy band affiliation.

Friday, we had Jason's bachelor party in Chicago. IT was a good time and everyone loved hanging out with my 'cool' aunt.

Saturday we had the reherasal and dinner. I then drove to decatur to spend the night figuring that Jason would want a little alone time before the wedding.

Sunday was filled with crazy weddingie goondess as most wedding days are. Everyone survived. some of us with very sore arms from lifting the bride and groom over our heads in thier charis.

The fire alarm went off in the hotel we were staying at early monday morning. Hurray for 6:45am wake up calls. Then we had brunch at the Goldfarb house.

I drove to southern Illionois and had dinner with my mom, brother and grandparents before finally maing it back to Memphis.

I know that was the super short abriviated version. There were so many crazy random moments from the weekend, that I can't really put it all down.
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