Frankie_G (saebuffyboy) wrote,

What has two thumbs....

and is stressed out.

This Guy.

Anywhoo, Bachelor party plans are pretty much set. It's just a few of the details that need to be worked out still and those are the ones killing me. Like what time are we leaving. Where are we having dinner. Really that's it, oh I almost forgot, the gift bags for the guys. I know gift bags for a bachelor party. Well, we have to spend 6 hours in a car together we have to do something to pass the time, i mean really.

then I have all my end of the year stuff here at work. my boss has been pretty cool about my leaving for four days for the weddig, but I'll really have to play catch up when I get back.

If I hvae so much to do why am I updating here? Well believe it or not it helps me not be stressed to see what I have looming ahead of me in type.

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