Frankie_G (saebuffyboy) wrote,

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ok, so I'm pretty sure it should be national law that no one should have to go to work on their birthday. Ok, yes it's nice to have co workers wish you a happy birthday, but I seriously don't want to discuss how I am planning to celebrate, or if I'm doing anything specail. I moved to town 9 months ago, what do you think I'm going to have a blow out party with the whole 4 friends I've made?

Also, one of my staff came in and needed to leave for an hour or so in the middle of the day. She asked if she had to come back in, and I told her it was not nessecarry that she did. She then threw a Naomi Campbell hissy fit about how she need to work today and how her husband had a life threatening ilness and had to go to the doctor and how she had to go and talk to the doctor too. I maintain that it's fine that she left, but if you're coming back with less than two hours left to the day, there is not really any reason to come back. By that time all that is to finish lunch service (it'd be half over already) and some clean up. Both things that can be done with out her.

So yeah, I had to be a dick on my birthday. Doesn't that make me happy? Maybe if the woman weren't older than my grand parents. Anywhoo. That, dear chidren, is why no one should have to work on their birhtday.

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Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!